Monthly Plans

Are you not able to schedule you time? Have lot of work to do? Do you feel that life is not going on a right track? There arises such feeling and questions in mind, let’s find out the reasons and solutions for all these questions which forms a part of life, these are not gender specific and age specific but lies true to all, irrespective of the job you are in or the place you resides.

Therapy Program – Monthly Plan

Therapy is a therapy that can be done by various ways; the type of therapy we focus is spiritual therapy or personal therapy. Our methodologies are from the ancient chakra balancing to the cutting edge technologies with customized sessions and modules as per the needs and requirements of our customer. We concentrate to amend our sessions and make all necessary changes that are demanded to make our modules interesting and effective with faster results.
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Children Program – Monthly Plan

Children are a part of your family and there well being is the most important factor that affects your peace of mind, if your children are happy, healthy, good in studies, performing well in extracurricular too, well behaved and mannered, you consider yourself to be one of the luckiest being and your life become harmonious, your job pressure and other personal stress often get balanced by a happy family, where your children are out of troubles and stress. You being a parent invest whole of your time for the well being, care and nurturing of your child.
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Spiritual Protection – Monthly Plan

Spiritual protection is a protection from the negative energies that encircles you. These negative energies affect your peace of mind, atmosphere of family, your performances in home and office and also the manner you behave. They arises from the surrounding, or the people around you who always talks negative and at times the tangibles things also affect the psychology of mind in a negative manner.
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Wealth And Prosperity – Monthly Plan

How to gain wealth? What is the way to gain it? What are your parameters to gain wealth and prosperity? The criteria changes from person to person and differs from time to time. Wealth has different meanings for all, it can considered as an important factor to gain financial stability, the capability to buy things, having lot of money, relations or may be things of materialistic values. How to generate it, is an interesting question and this question is stress causing and disturbs the routine schedule of life.
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Life has become so hectic and fast that time management is the best things that can be done to lead a happy and scheduled life. There is lot of responsibilities on you as a human being or the member of a family, a responsible employee or a business man, a parent, a pet owner and as a self individual. Maintaining all these parts together may lack perfections many times, which arises stress in your life, when things becomes disturbing and works keeps on pending, this is a day to day story of all of us which results in sleepless nights and a tensioned face, what to do and what not to do becomes a dilemma but do not worry, we can help you.
Our aim is to keep you healthy, fit, stress free and reside in peace, to lead a harmonious life needs plan and the fulfillment of these plans can resolve your troubles of life. We at our centers can formulate therapy plans for your life issues on a monthly basis. Come and sit with us to decide your priorities of the month and make short term goals, achieve them and attain happiness. Attainment of the monthly plan will make you feel more confident and you can prepare a longer list the next month and add few more on the third month. We offer monthly plans for our class schedule and sessions to resolve your issue in set frame of time and regulate your life in a scheduled manner.
Our concept to make these spiritual monthly plans has arisen from the fact that we all are human being and learn everything at a time, it is better to divide the tasks and responsibility, classes and sessions, exercises and the changes in your schedule slowly, on the timely basis so that there never comes an overburden on you and the accomplishment of the task can be done in an appropriate manner.
Our aim to make therapy monthly plans can be elaborated as a step by step process to change or correct problematic situation and the effect it causes to you and your lifestyle, the basis of these plans is the priority of problems i.e. your customized needs, our monthly session, modules, exercises are modulated as per the needs and requirements, we have a set format for our plans on monthly basis but we are no orthodox trainers and are also welcome to changes and uniqueness. We help you to fulfill all your responsibilities with a peaceful mind by aligning the tasks for you and giving you therapy sessions in a planned schedule.