Children Program – Monthly Plan

All children are not alike, they also have traumas, stress and behavior issues, there are various reasons for such problems may be lack of confidence, inferiority complex, lack of knowledge or lack of exposure or a low learning ability may bring them to get negative , resulting in energy blocks. This creates a problem to you as a parent when you start comparing your children to others and finds them less active and sluggish.
We can help you by Children Program – Monthly Plan, these plans includes all problem therapy remedies for your children as improvement in learning abilities, resolution of conflicts and behavior problems, clearing traumas, stress and energy blocks, helping to build self confidence, spiritual protections from negativities and also a unique section of customized program meeting the specific needs of children with unique or special needs that are not covered under other sections.
Children need guidance at all stages as they lack experiences and learning and do not hold a decision making and problem solving attitude. Parents have to understand their requisites and should discuss their problems to explore their needs. We provide counseling and monitoring for such needs, what matter is a correct analysis of the requirement, we can make it done for you and our therapy program for children will help to increase their thinking speed and concentration, which brings confidence, and a natural problem solving and decision making attitude which will bring success and will make your children skillful and smart kids with sharper brain.
We provide Children Program – Monthly Plan, these plans are scheduled on a time sheet on monthly basis, programs are made after a deep analysis of children behavior and their attitude and keeping in consideration the need and expectations of parents from their children, this is made on monthly basis to make a assessment after a month and then to implement other programs also if needed as per the child behavior and customized needs.
The monthly schedule sheet is revised keeping in mind the children improvement status and there can be necessary changes if needed as per the therapy program requirement. We focus to make your children healthy by mind, soul and body, we are therapists with no medicines or medical therapies but through natural learning and balancing method through a continuous practice in a schedule of time that is monthly and revise the sessions and plans in the next month.