Raise Productivity And Efficiency


There are many ways to raise productivity and efficiency as follows:

1) Taking care of health: Being physically and emotionally fit and healthy is necessary to avoid the negligence of work, a balanced diet, a sound sleep and exercises should be a part of your routine to work and perform well.
2) Self Awareness: Self awareness, self help and self management is vital, you should always understand yourself, never over commit work, learn task management and avoid the pitfalls in you that can reduce the efficiency of work.
3) Time Management: A proper schedule is vital; time management can always help you to finish your work on time with a good performance.
4) Self Motivation: Self motivation energizes you to perform in the more effective manner, maintain positivity in your own mind is more important than to get appreciations from others.
5) Effective Communication: Develop a habit of communicating without hesitation, it will help you to gain wisdom through the experiences of other and also will make it easy for you to coordinate with team members for combined efforts.
6) Prioritization of work: There are situations when you have to decide which work has to be done first and which at last i.e. the prioritization is always important to reduce stress and give better results.
7) Team work: Maintaining a healthy office atmosphere is an important factor that determines performance and efficiency at work. Managing work with team and coordinating to perform in a better way always gives better results.
8) Develop Interest in work: Efficiency also depends upon the interest in the work, the tasks that’s seems to be interesting to you yield better results but all the work that are given at workplace are not of interest, it is a self management to make a task interesting, or to choose a work of your choice to give better performances and increase efficiency.
9) Performance Mapping: You should always map your performance by setting up a standard or benchmark to perform, which can help you to do gap analysis and improve your performance.
10) Appreciations and awards: Motivation and rewards in terms of appraisals, incentives and promotion can also raise productivity and efficiency.
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