Personal Protection and Energetics Boundaries

Our physical body has a protection of skin and so is the spiritual body has “energetic boundaries”. These energetic boundaries enhance the health of your physical, emotional, relational and spiritual body. Energetic boundaries are very important in energy therapy, they separates us from the dangers of outer world in the same way as our skin puts a bar in our organs and outside dangers. Understanding the role of these boundaries makes us emotional strong and creates health at the most basic level.
Creating more and more sound energetic boundaries is a measure of personal protection as you wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from heat; you can nurture these boundaries through therapy methodologies and can protect your inner body and strength.
Personal protection and energetic boundary are compromised by surroundings: parents, relatives, ancestors, schools, religious institutions, news sources, culture at large, ethnic group, friends, enemies, bosses, coworkers, life events, traumas, abuses, beliefs, repetitive actions, etc. As a result these boundaries become adaptable and shift.
Yes, these energetic boundaries rapidly shift or changes? Shift from habitual self created boundaries into a new boundary of self. Whether this adaptable shift is in right direction? Whether this change is made for a personal protection measure? Have you masked your true identity? Are you facing personal challenges? Is your energy falling? Are you getting negative? This is the time when you need us.
Creating healthy energetic boundaries is a key to produce a positive flow of energy in our lives. We offer therapy session to make analyze your pattern of living and the energy shift in you. We will use love energy therapy. What effect society can have on you? How you can protect yourself from negativities, we can explain. This is what we call personal protection. Once the energy in you becomes positive and you understand to heal it in a right direction, you are on a winning track.

We guide all aspects of personal protection and energetic boundary as :

  • Physical Energetic Boundary where we have situations like witnessing physical violations, injuries, abuse, illness, neglect, abandonment, abortion attempts, inherited family issues, beliefs, spiritual, invasions, financial and work issues.
  • Emotional Boundary affects joyous opportunities, transforms negative feelings into joy.
  • Relational Energetic Boundary are linked with all parts of you to yourself, the Divine, and the rest of the world.
  • Spiritual Energetic Boundaries , it reflects our ever enlightening spiritual essence, letting, In that which will highlight our spiritual powers and gifts, and disseminating love to the world, spiritual boundaries come from religious guilt from shaming, spiritual, Intolerance that judges you, inhumane spiritual standards, cult brainwashing, ritual abuse, doctrines of terrorism, killing, political pressure, any messages of spiritual separateness.

We are capable is increase your personal protection measures and guide you on all aspects of energy boundary.
Start your change with us now, we can help you to change your life positive away from all sickness and surrounding negative vibes.