Sacred Cleasing and Blessing of Your Home

Our home our sacred place. A place where we relax, spend time with our loved ones, our pets, plants and family. You as a person want to be clean and so should be the house, a spiritually clean house. You want to attract people with your looks? If yes, your house also attracts positivity by cleansing and blessings.
Sacred Cleansing and Blessing of Your Home intensify the positive energies of love, harmony, peace and abundance even the productivity in your home is increased. Spiritual Cleansing eliminate negative influence, psychic attack and earth bound spirits. Inanimate objects such as home, building, piece of furniture and clothing carries the energies with them, many of the previously owned person, or of the one who made it. Their negative energy get incorporated in the object and if not you feel so. With our spiritual cleansing or purification we can eliminate these unwanted or negative energies to achieve a satisfaction that your home has positive vibes and is radiating the same.
We can help you remove these negativities of your home because we believe the place you stays effects you a lot and the solution to relieve you all types of stress is to make a positive atmosphere around you. We will help you with Sacred Cleansing and Blessing of Your Home. Do you know that your frustrations make your home negative too? Negativities arise when you feel depressed, fearful, blocked, attract undesirable situations. At times of frustration, worry, anger or discord, this brings negative energy into the home, which it accumulates for long. This occurs more commonly in a home, when there has been disharmony, illness, or death.
Sacred Cleansing and Blessing of Your Home is a spiritual practice that removes stagnate, negative, chaotic energy from a home. Rituals purify and cleanse old negative energies and bring in new positive influences to bring peace, harmony and protect the home and its inhabitants.
Are you curious to know, how to bless your home?
There are different rituals that are being followed for sacred cleansing and blessing of your home

Some of methodologies to make sacred cleansing of house

  • The most important is your intention to makes things positive so set your intention because it immediately realize.
  • White sage, sweet grass or cedar herbal bundles. Frankincense, vanilla, cinnamon, nag champa, patchouli, cedar, copal and rose are all good incense scents due to their properties, warmth and good energies.
  • Good ventilation in house increases positivity.
  • Crystals affects the spiritual atmosphere of house.
  • At times lightning candles and uplift with prayer or mantra can also be a way to bless your home.

Feng Shui follows different steps for harmonious house blessing as setting the tone by playing sacred music, welcoming and thanking friends and family, lightning a pink candle and passing it to each new person, who shares the blessing, placing the pink candle at the corners of home and many more
We have made our modules keeping in mind all the relational and spiritual values and to give a harmonious house to live filled with hopes and joy.
Come to us, we will wipe out all negativities from your home.
Wishing you much happiness, health, love and prosperity!