Stop Judge Others

We all remain in a habit of judging people, some are in a regular habit and some do it less. The question is how can you stop judging people, we can counsel you for that, always think that how would that person feel if you criticize him, put yourself at his place, try to accept people how they are, behave like a mindful human being and try to understand others too, try to love people not to envy them, you will find how much happiness it will give you.
Stop Judge others because it is of no benefit to you, it only wasting your part of time, love and energy. Have you ever thought why do you judge people. What compels you to do it? It is nothing but only happens if you are insecure, scared, lonely or you have a different idea to live life and so you feel others are doing wrong as if you do not want to be in a relationship but your friend is in it, none of you can judge the parameters of right and wrong ,it is only your unique way to live life, where contradiction will definitely arise but both will feel right in their own unique ways and that is perfectly true, one should only care about their own personal decisions, remember others judgments are not going to change anything in life.
Stop Judge others because judging others hurt other people and develop negative feelings, also at times arises guilt in you later; we also start judging ourselves also harshly as we came in a habit to do so. There are ways that you can stop doing this by monitoring your thoughts and looking positives in others, pay attention to your own life and think how irritating it is if someone keeps on judging you. Judge nothing and you will be happy.
Try to adapt acceptance, an unconditional acceptance. Loving others without judgment gives you a real happiness of life, there are ways how you welcome others with criticism or with open arms and positive vibes, and this would bring positivity to your life and will make you a person free from all stress and worries. Live your own ways and let others live their own ways.
If you judge others, it means you jurge yourself. We will give you spiritual therapy for corrective measures and help you resolve your feelings.